The magic action of getting light to repeat itself... At will

Over time, I've had the luck to find myself involved in truly exiting projects. Whether in the realm of photography or video production, I've experienced deep and inspiring moments of loneliness, just as I've felt the uncanny power that emerges from a collective, aiming at a common result.

Film Crew


Location Assistant:

Hired by the Location Manager to be on-set before, during, and after the filming process. General responsibilities include arriving first at the location to allow the Set Dressers into the set for preparation, and ultimately, at the end of the filming, making sure it seems as though the film crew was never there. There is generally one to three assistants on a shoot at any given time.

The Wolfman

The Wolfman is the first Universal Pictures production I worked on when arriving in London. I can never forget the sensation of stepping on set for the first time at 2am, as a location assistant. I couldn't take my eyes off the wonderful costume of Spencer Wilding, the man in the warewolf suit, and the feeling of being apart of something special was omnipresent.

Spencer scaring me between two takes.

The Wolfman - Trailer

Sherlock Holmes

Inaugurating the set

Now that was a really great one. I'd lie if I said observing Robert Downey Jr. , Jude Law and Rachel Mc Adams being directed by Guy Ritchie right before my location assistant eyes, wasn't one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I've made. A Warner Bros production, just the way we like them!

Sherlock Holmes - Trailer

As green as it gets

Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's travels - Trailer

Working on this 20th Century Fox picture was good fun. Will I ever forget watching Jack Black perform the final choreography 25 times in a row, one more funny than the other? Absolutely nought!

More about Jack Black:


PASS:ON is the first project I directed. It deals with artistic collaboration and I was fortunate enough to work with truly talented people, especially                          who offered us his contribution. But he wasn't the only one, and we were lucky to be able to count on:






You can find all about this project on:

Stellest Genesis

Stellest Genesis is a short cartoon I co-wrote with contemporary artist Patrice Stellest, and then directed. On this project, I worked with the talented french 3D artist                             and                 made us the courtasy of giving us the music.


To know more about Stellest, visit the funky website:




United Nations of Groove

I feel lucky to have been involved in filming the talented percussionist Xavier Desandre Navarre during his 3 day “Free Hand” at the Opera of Lyon / France. Here is an extract of the United Nations of Groove project.


To know more about Xavier, visit:


Fashion Photo Shoot

Take a look at me now

An extract of the body of work I shot for the portfolio of Swedish model Margareta Nystrom, in London / U.K.


Jet Set

National Geographic

I was american photographer Lynn Johnson's assistant, while on her quest for the apostles, to illustrate a National Geographic article. We lived truly moving moments and had a beautiful time during this adventure.


You can find the article and the photo gallery here:



And you can find out more about Lynn on her webpage:


Somewhere South

Here under are a few photos of some of my recent trip documentaries.

I specifically spent some time getting to know the Aché Guayaki people of the LINAJE organization, in the paraguayan rainforest, which inspired me to make some portraits in black and white. I am very much hoping to go back there in order to achieve a more complete work.

As it is the case of many native communities in South America, the Aché Guayaki have to modify their way of life in order to survive.

This community has taken the challenge!


More about LINAJE:


Young boy taking his lunch break in the arequipeñan fields. Arequipa / Peru

Phone cabin
Phone cabin

International telephone cabin in the middle of the Lake Titicaca, on a floating Island of Los Uros. Altitude: 3812m Lake Titicaca / Peru

Mexican Pride
Mexican Pride

Young Mexican journalist in front of the City Hall in Mexico City. Distrito Federal / Mexico

Aché Guayaki girl
Aché Guayaki girl

A young Aché Guayaki girl in her village. Rainforest / Paraguay

Aché Guayaki Kitchen
Aché Guayaki Kitchen

Aché Guayaki people sitting in the village kitchen. Rainforest / Paraguay


A deaf-mute Aché Guayaki child Rainforest / Paraguay

Morning smile
Morning smile

As the mothers have started to cook, a young Aché Guayaki girl waiting for her breakfast. Rainforest / Paraguay

Native pride
Native pride

An elder hunter of the tribe posing proudly for the camera. He represents the memory of his people, as he survived the indigenous massacres which took place until recently. Rainforest / Paraguay

Candy student
Candy student

A young Aché Guayaki girl standing in front of her school. Rainforest / Paraguay