Wherever they take me, I follow the words.

For there is no loss in following the way to inner and outer realities.

You have it coming

I can't say much about the project I am curretnly working on, only that it will take me traveling around South America for the next year. It involves journalistic and litterary work, drawing and photography. I've had valuable support bringing this project together, and I thank all of those who believe in me for this adventure. Although I won't reveal the nature of my work, I'll keep you posted in the “NOW” section.

Plantu's help

Plantu has a fascinating and successful artistic career. After studying in Brussels at the Saint-Luc art school (founded by Hergé, the father of Tintin), he became one of the most engaged cartoon artists in the world. He depicts the everyday news in the french paper Le Monde, and created the world wide movement                                      with the United Nations and Kofi Annan a few years ago. Plantu was so kind to offer me his artistic support for my project, and I am looking forward to this collaboration.

A good luck portrait of me by Plantu


Curious about the mouse? Click on the image!

Interview of Plantu for Stand Alone Media