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If you're still around, you might be ready to write something.

Writing in any shape or form was my principal occupation over the past years.

Whether I was given budgets to study and write about the wine history of France, or asked to write scenarios for cartoons and short films; whether I wrote the content for websites or news articles for the Community Times in London: my passion was always with me and I made it a priority to experiment as many styles as I possibly could.


The Community Times / London

I spent some time writing as a journalist for the Community Times, in Greenwich, London / U.K. I was writing for the cultural column, monthly, and was lucky enough to be left quite free with the topics of my articles. This was a wonderful experience and it allowed me to gain a good experience of the job and see the exciting city of London through construtively critical eyes. Here under is a typical extract of the body of work I put together at the time.


The Stephen Lawrence Gallery




If you happen to go for a walk at the Old Royal Naval College’s gardens on a beautiful, cold, Greenwich afternoon; why not take a few moments to discover a new location in your cultural landscape? The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is just the place! Located in a small but beautiful baroque room at the entrance to the Queen Ann building, it offers a slightly different and exciting approach to visual culture.


Since last year, curator David Waterworth has been giving the space a new dynamic, organizing one exhibition each month, and showing work in a variety of media. The gallery’s yearly-published programme ranges from work of international artists to student shows. When asked about his vision of the work he chooses to present, Mr Waterworth explains: “The University of Greenwich established the gallery in 2000, as a response to the publication of the McPherson report, into the police handling of the Stephen Lawrence murder enquiry. As a result, the gallery has a brief to promote diversity in the presentation of the work of contemporary architects, artists and designers.”


Until November 21st, you will come across the exhibition ‘TIME’, curated by local artist David Haynes. Here, the exhibitors reflect on the necessity of balancing social and work commitments, with a passion for making art. Stemming from different walks of life, from doctors to teachers and computer technicians, the work produced ranges from photography to installations. This show comes as a good example of the gallery’s ambition to promote diversity in the context of original questions.


From November 26th, the gallery will be showing a touring exhibition of photographs from the Magnum photographic agency, selected by BBC presenter Robin Lustig. This exhibition called ‘Covering conflict’ deals with the history and process of reporting on conflict situations around the world. It also marks the 60th anniversary of Magnum, and the 75th anniversary of the BBC world service. With this show, the Stephen Lawrence Gallery brings world-class visual work to our community. Definitely one to be seen!


We will make sure to keep you informed of what’s going on in the gallery, but the best way is still to pop in and have a look for yourself! You’ll enjoy it, and there are always one or two interesting characters around to chat with.


David Hurn / The Hungarian uprising / 1956

Paolo Pellegrin / Dahia, Beirut, Lebanon / 2006

N.B. I worked as the assistant of the director of the Stephen Lawrence Gallery,

Mr. David Waterworth, for two years.


Made in Mouse ®

Where is Mouse?

Made in Mouse® is a French global design agency I worked for as a freelance copywriter and art director.


The company was created by Mr.David Hairion, an all around entrepreneur, who quickly became my mentor. The company has many clients, ranging from                                                  or                       ; to the French Government, with City Halls or the famous                                 ; but Mr. Hairion is particularly interested in gastronomy and wine. During my time with the company, I got to learn a great deal about food and the history and process of winemaking. 


Working there was a very exciting time. I could walk in the office in the morning and be asked anything from proof reading a letter to President Sarkozy, to giving a shot at designing a league one rugby suit. One day I worked on the scenario for an advert, the next I organized a contest for all the Michelin Stars chefs in France to promote a                . Every input was welcome, the firm is brilliantly run and both the creative and administrative teams are great to work with. 


I thank Mr. Hairion for giving me the opportunity to learn from him.                               

The budgets were diverse and I rarely had less than four or five projects running at the time.

Here under are a few links to some of the clients I dealt with there. 










David Hairion in his office at Made in Mouse ®

To know more about David Hairion, click here:


To know more about Made in Mouse, click here:










The foundation Celestina Perez de Almada is based in Asuncion / Paraguay. It was founded by Dr. Martin Almada in order to promote human rights all over the world. I met doctor Almada during a trip to Paraguay a couple of years ago, and have since then contributed to his work by translating documents for the foundation, therefore facilitating its contacts with the United Nations or foreign governments worldwide. I salute Dr. Almada's efforts for a better world and am happy to help him with his work to open the first University for Peace and New energies.

To know more about Dr. Almada:

Jean d'Ormesson

Every once in a while, a writer in the making needs a little push of inspiration. Meeting Jean d'Ormesson definitely did the trick. I can never thank his daughter and publisher Eloïse d'Ormesson enough for making this possible, and it was a great luck to catch some advice first hand from the man himself. Particularly as when he was my age, he was also making his way into the communication world. He is now one of the most popular French authors and a member of the prestigious Académie Française.


One moment I won't forget!

Click on the image for a full french interview of Jean d'Ormesson


To know more about Jean d'Ormesson:


Stellest visiting the TATE MODERN London/ U.K

When contemporary environmental artist Patrice Stellest asked me to work on the promotion of his art movement Trans Nature Art, I was not quite sure what I was in for.


It turned out to be one of the most prolific professional experiences I've had: two websites, one blog, dozens of texts, shooting, editing, subtitling videos, writing and directing a cartoon, writing museum proposals, creating two catalogues, creating music, a cd cover, writing and translating sculpture descriptions, playing music live, organizing exhibitions, supervising jewelry design... all while dealing with the artistic temper of the character.


This collaboration might have been one of the most demanding and complete accomplishments of my professional life, and it was well worth it. I thank Stellest for taking me in on the ride!

To know more about Stellest: